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Woven Shades of Blue Vest/Poncho/Scarf with Tassel Accents

Woven Shades of Blue Vest/Poncho/Scarf with Tassel Accents

Vests/Ponchos/Scarves can be worn all seasons.  They are terrific for trips because they do not wrinkle and give you some versatility in your wardrobe.  The fabric is adjusted with Tasseled clips and fits reasonably up to 16 at least.

Perfect to carry in a purse and use in a cold restaurant, subway, plane etc.

Poncho - The clips can be placed where comfortable.  A suggested placement is 13 inches from the fold and 7 inches thereafter.  Can be worn 3 ways:

1. Asymmetrically

2. With the tassels in back - makes the front have a cowl neck effect.

3. With the tassels in front - makes the front have a v-neck effect.

Vest - Fold the scarf in half and overlap the top corners.  Clip this area securely. Find the fringed edges and open to wear the vest. Clip the remaining tassels to the bottom edge of the vest lapels.

Scarf - There are multiple ways to wear the scarf: lariat, wrap once, twice etc...  Attach the tassel clips as decoration or use to hold the scarf in a particular way.  Endless variety for a unique you!

Please see the How to Videos for a video tutorial.